Eben Pagan just re-opened his 50% off registration for The Virtual CEO program.

If you’re looking to scale up your business, rear motor lawn mowers plus design it to run all virtually, so you can live the life that you really want, then watch THIS video now:

virtual ceo live

Watch the 7 Secrets of the Virtual CEO Video…

It’s your chance to kick your business into high-growth mode and create your ideal double headed strapon! In this new class you’ll learn how to…

  • Free up hours per day, so you can become a lot more productive, and focus on the higher-value, money-making activities in your free spins no deposit casino uk
  • Build automated marketing systems that follow up with every prospective customer, and convert the highest percentage of them into buyers
  • Install systems so your business runs and grows independently, and hire “super stars” so that you can delegate everything that’s taking your time right now
  • Build a mastermind of people who have already achieved the goals that you want to reach, so that you are “pulled up” to the next level automatically
  • Use the profit generated by your business to invest in assets… that accumulate and ultimately create wealth
  • Design your ideal lifestyle, so your business fits into your life, rather than you having to fit your life into your business

You must register now to get in (or miss out on forever improving your life and business).

The only path to true independence is to build a strong, independent, virtual business that gives you the lifestyle that you want.

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My 5K+ Virtual CEO Bonus
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... 7 5 4 3 BONUSES Remaining

1. BONUS: New Apple Macbook (value: $1,299)

I'm giving away a brand new 12-inch Apple Macbook (256GB) with value $1299 to every customer who purchase through my affiliate link. If you have any questions or proposals about this bonus contact me on bonus@jernejkriznar.com

2. BONUS: SEO consultation (value: $700+)

SEO is one of the important ways of getting traffic to website. So if you already know or you are still at idea generation process for your product, this will be a perfect suite for an online success.

This bonus will supercharge your business so you will know how to rank on page #1 of Google in order to start generating traffic from search engines.

With this bonus you will get Skype access to me and my team of specialists, so you can ask us anything SEO or marketing related and we will help you out in our best possible way.

3. BONUS: Access To My Private Tools and Resources (value: $2,997+)

Tools-and-Resources-VPWith this bonus you will get access to my PRIVATE tools and resources to gain unfair advantage over the guys who just enrolled into The Virtual CEO through some other affiliate.

This bonus is a must-have if you are going to launch business online.

Total value of My Virtual CEO Bonus is more than $4,997

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How to qualify for My Ultimate Virtual CEO Bonus?

1. Clear the cookies in your browser, to make sure I got credited for your purchase. (Click here for Instructions)

2. Purchase The Virtual CEO Program through my link. Click here!

3. Send me your name & include a receipt of your purchase to

4. I will reply within 24 hours with all the instructions & my Skype ID. Simple as that!

NOTE: The Virtual CEO is offered in two payment plans:

-Full upfront payment of $4,997
-Payment plan option with three equal payments of $1,997 (30 days apart)

The bonuses will be available to you after the refund period (30 days) is over.

If you take the payment plan option (3 x $1,997), then I will send the Apple Macbook bonus after the payment is complete.

PM me for more on bonus@jernejkriznar.com

About me

I'm Jernej "Jerry" Kriznar and I'm full time Internet marketer for 5 years now. You can read more about me on jernejkriznar.com and in About me section on this website.

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What You Get with The Virtual CEO?

The Virtual CEO Program is a 6-month immersive training experience for entrepreneurs who want to become high-growth Virtual CEO’s. If you want to shift your business into high-growth mode and create your ideal lifestyle, this is the place to do it.


The program is built on 7 profit pillars, that we will install in your business and life over the next 6-months… Productivity, Product, Marketing, Growth, Mastermind, Money and Wealth, and Lifestyle and Learning.

When you install all 7 Pillars, they link together and become a powerful system that activates the power of “exponential compounding”. Each pillar compounds the power of the next… kicking your business and your life into high-growth mode.

This is how you create exponential growth in your business and your life!

The Virtual CEO includes:

6 Months Of Live Coaching Classes

The Virtual CEO Program gives you a series of 12 live Coaching Classes with Eben, broken into 12 implementation modules. Every two weeks, we get on a live class together that takes about 90 minutes. We’ll work together to install the 7 Profit Pillars into your business and your life. Each class is carefully designed to build on the next to benefit from the power of compounding and give your business exponential growth.

$10,000 Live Virtual CEO Summit

The Virtual CEO Summit will be the best learning, networking, and strategic planning summit for entrepreneurs this year, and maybe ever. Spend three days with me and other high-growth entrepreneurs in a luxury environment in Chicago. Friday, August 12th to Sunday, August 14th, 2016. (There will be a live stream available if you cannot make it.)

Tickets to this event will be sold for $10,000, you can only get this as a bonus for 2 ½ days… after that, it’s $10k-$12k a ticket… you will definitely be in the room with people who invested that amount to be there.

The Virtual CEO Community

Get unlimited access to The Virtual CEO Community. This is an amazing community of high-growth entrepreneurs who will take your business and life to a whole new level.

Being a part of The Virtual CEO Community gives you the enormous power of a “Virtual Mastermind” at your fingertips.

  • Stay connected with the entire Virtual CEO Community
  • Find ideal partners for marketing and promotions
  • Get high-quality answers to your questions by tapping into the genius of the community
  • Get strategic feedback on new products, projects, and business plans
  • Be supported by other entrepreneurs who are on a similar journey
  • Be part of a tight-knit community that truly supports you as you grow your business and design your ideal lifestyle

$100,000 Platinum Passport

platinum passport
This is the most valuable bonus package that Eben has ever offered. In fact, I believe it’s the most valuable bonus package that’s ever been offered, for any business training course.

Eben created about 40 different courses on business and marketing - many of them priced between 2,000 and $30,000 each. They've carefully recorded and edited all of them to build a digital video and audio catalog of all my best training. Access to this priceless library is called the ‘Platinum Passport’.

30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee


If you go through The Virtual CEO course, attend the Live Summit, do the exercises, and you don’t think it’s worth 10x your investment… just show Eben your homework and exercises so he knows you went through the program - and he’ll happily refund your entire tuition and give you all your money back.

Eben can give you this incredible guarantee and let you take the entire program - with zero risk to you - because he is 100% confident that The Virtual CEO Program will help you create the business and life that you want.

This means your investment in The Virtual CEO is COMPLETELY risk-free.

Registration Closes In:

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Click here to join the Virtual CEO training!

Video #3: 21 Ways To Super-Charge Your Business Growth


Here’s an all-new video from Eben Pagan, where he shares 21 steps to building your business online, and designing it so that it gives you the lifestyle that you want to live.

This video is jam-packed with ideas that you will start implementing as soon as you watch it. You’ll see how to put all the pieces of your product, your marketing, hiring team members, building your mastermind all fit together, and create a stable business that grows and becomes more valuable…

...even if you’re personally not there doing it.

Make sure to get the PDF “action checklist” for building your business, while you are there. It’s right under the video.

Watch this video now, and then implement what you learn to build your online business faster…starting today.


Video #2: The Profit Power Of Compounding


Here’s a case study of how Eben Pagan built his business 100% virtually (no office), and he now has the freedom to travel six months per year: The Formula For Building A High-Growth Virtual Business Online

The secret is to really take advantage of the profit power of COMPOUNDING.

When you put the right pieces together in the right order, you can create a business that is actually designed to give you the life you want and this video will show you how one person built their ideal life, by building their business from the VERY BEGINNING to support their lifestyle..

Go watch this, and learn how to build a highly successful virtual business that gives you the life you want!

Video #1: 7 Pillars Of A High-Growth Virtual Business



In this new video, Eben Pagan shows you the 7 pillars of a high-growth virtual business, and the “architecture” of how to build yours.

He also explains the rise of the “Virtual CEO Lifestyle” - and how the internet has given us all access to the tools to build our businesses virtually - if we choose to and why up to 80% of all jobs are in danger of being “automated” by computers and machines in the coming future.

He will talk about this model which has helped him build 10 different brands and businesses that have done over $1 million in sales online (all virtually!) 

Click here to go watch it right now (while it's still available)

ALSO: Make sure you grab the PDF summary of the structure of a successful Virtual Business, and how to create this lifestyle for yourself.